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 2021 so Far

Five new songs from Calling Houston, so far......

'Blues No Blues'---It's time for a rave anytime soon-----

'Young Folks-Having a Great Time' 

It's understandable young people get desperate these days. They've lost more than a precious year of their own so far....... 

'Crazy Tuesday Samba' was written on November 4 2020, very early in the morning. At that point of time we didn't know yet who had won the election, so this song was written in a mood of desperation. It went well.........But in Brazil there's a big fan of Trump, Bolsonaro. So this song eventually became a samba.


'The Art of Manipulation'

#1 Be sentimental, tell about your poor but happy childhood.

#2 Tell a joke, make them feel good.

#3 Tell the truth, and nobody believes you.


'Therapy' A good long walk can be 'therapy for free' and especially during this corona crisis it has become very trendy.

Available on many streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music.
















Calling Houston was formed in 2009 by Kaare Joensen and Jan Due. From 2009 to 2017 a lot of old school electronic (pop) songs were produced. Some of the songs were released on an album in 2017. From 2017and on, Calling Houston has been a solo project of Jan.

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